Enrollment & Verification System

Easy to Use
Data Collection
& Analysis Tool.

This tool allows you to collect data from any audience using a mobile app, perform validations and manipulations and generate dynamic reports.

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Two Powerful Components

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Mobile App

An easy to use Enrollment & Verification System for data capture. It integrates seamlessly with the web portal

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Web Portal

A simple & powerful tool that gives you the ability to analyze and visualize your data


Enrollment & Verification System

Data Capture Tool
  • Build Your Data Capture Forms
  • Customizable Validation Logic
  • Data Update Capability
  • Seamless Integration with Web Portal
  • On Device Storage
  • User Friendly
  • Geo-Location Tracking
  • Multiple Server Configuration

Web Portal Features

Flexible Forms & Data Fields

The web portal provides the ability to define/customize your database with simple/easy steps.

Data Visualization

Data can be displayed in customizable tables, dashboards, maps, graphs and charts or exported to csv, excel, pdf

Data Mining

Use our GUI (Graphical User Interface) tool to build complex queries that retrieves specific sets of data

Approval Workflow

Customize your data approval / review workflows that aligns with your organization objectives


Perform actions such as: categorizing records into folders, commenting, sharing, attaching files and tracking historical changes on record's

Integrate with other Applications

Integration with other applications for CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) operations using our RESTful Web Services

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